Thursday, March 23, 2006

Well, now, Cap's life just won't play by the rules.....

My life is still in a state of complete turmoil but I'm soldiering on and will try and update everyone on the show.

A few things have occurred since I was last here.

I'll go through it by character/storyline.

Sonny and "Um"ily are just foul and disgusting but there are some highlights. Sonny, much as I hate to admit this, looks freakin' fantastic in a gorgeous, well-fitting grey suit and a black t-shirt. I mean, maybe he's been to rehab or something? He looks AWESOME.

"Um" ily has met the IckFairy who dresses Skye and looks like a hag. The Talons of Doom are back, too. Someone in wardrobe and makeup clearly has it in for her.


Over the years of my reading about and keeping up to date with GH, I do know that Maurice Benard (Sonny) has had his own personal and genuine bouts with bipolar disorder. He's been lobbying TIIC for years to have Sonny face his bipolar demons.

While that request kept getting back burnered, he also started pushing for a Sonny/Emily storyline back when Natalia Livingston (Emily) by some stroke of cataclysmic absurdity, won a Daytime Emmy for Supporting Actress.

It appears he's now getting both of his wishes. The bipolar disease is still just a tapdance but let's see how far they take it.

Which leads me to Jason. The "storm clouds of impending doom and heavy on the strings, please" are really great and inform us that Jason will be supremely pissed off if he finds out about Sonny and "Um".

Why, we ask politely?

Could it be because he'd make the same argument to Sonny about his little sister that Sonny made to a post-lung-surgery Jason about Courtney?

Noooo. Because that would make too much sense, demonstrate that Jason can defend himself when wronged no matter who it's by, and a knowledge of historical continuity in the show.




So, instead, they have Jason make his point that Sonny is dangerous.....not just in his choice of lifestyle but also because of his mental problems.

(See the tie-in there?)

I think Steve Burton is doing a great job with the additional emotion he's being saddled with. I only say great because when he's on he's really super. When he's off he's so boring and wooden it's almost comical.

(Speaking of comical. I hope I don't offend anyone but really. I so called that Jon Stewart would lead The Daily Show with the pictures of the Basque Terrorists, ETA, in those ridiculous get ups. Are they really trying to be taken seriously? I understand 40 years of terror...hell, I live in DC and work in Manhattan, I understand 5 hours of terror....but in those costumes? Ya gotta be kiddin' me.)

ANYway, so, Jason and his "you're lying to me" Spidey sense is all over Sonny and Umily as they lie like rugs to him.

Carly is covering for them because she doesn't want to see Jason blow like Vesuvius when he finds out.

Which leads me to Sam, the lunatic fringe. First, Sam is defending a potential Sonny/"Um"ily hook-up. (Unbeknownst to her it's already occurred.) She argues that they may well be the new "One Twoo Wuv" story.


Girl makes no sense.

And Jason's response would simply be, "Yeah. So were Courtney and I and you saw how THAT worked out...."

(Anyone who wants a copy of that lung surgery scene, let me know, I have it on tape and watch it frequently. It was that good.)

Sam's lunacy doesn't stop there, though. We know that Alexis is her mother, right? She is now completely psychotic about Alexis and rewriting history (or it that just lines TIIC stuff in Monaco's mouth without realizing she looks like an idiot) and making huge, mean, wicked assumptions about Alexis that no one seems to refute as absurd and unfair.

(The history re-write is that "Alexis killed Sam's baby* in order to save her own daughter, Kristina". Um, no. Sam's baby died in utero from a detatched framistat. The. Baby. Was. Born. Dead. No. One. Killed. It. And, assholes, by the way, *Sam's baby is not what's on the headstone, "Baby McCall". She had a name. It was Lila.)

So, Sam is routinely foaming a the mouth and spitting out ridiculous comments about Alexis. I'm not quite sure where they are headed with that but the anvils are raining down like any given scene in Bladerunner.

Which leads me, inexplicably, to close with what a Dick Jax is being.

So, no change there.

He's slapped Nikolas with a restraining order and won't let him see Baby John. He's allowing a physical attraction to grow between him and Carly. That's just......odd.

The only House reference (because God knows, House isn't referring to GH any longer.....sigh.....) is that the unbelievably hot Dr. Drake is grumping around the hospital and the female community in Port Charles in general.

And that Diego (Alfredo from "Humpty Dumpty") has a wee, tiny plot that may blossom but nothing so far.

Oh, lest I forget, Luke, Pregnant Skye, Lorenzo, Tracy. Yeah. Wouldn't want to forget that storyline.

For what it's worth, Lulu continues to make the show worth watching all on her very own.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Alfredo from Humpty Dumpty is Back! Oh, so am I!

There is a lot to recap but practically nothing to connect GH to House other than the little tidbits thrown our way from Dr. Patrick Drake. Oh, and Cock Fighting Roof Dude Alfredo from "Humpty Dumpty" is back on the GH canvas! :-) Yes, young Ignacio Serrichio is back as Diego Alcazar. And that's a GOOD thing.

As predicted, the city survived the Monkey Flu pretty much in tact.

Stray and random characters died and a couple of main players went to see Dr. House at the Great Clinic Hours Session in the Sky.

Sadly, there were no Cow Worshippers, Syphilitic Poetry Ladies or Hilarious Pregnant Girls Who are Nearly Too Stupid to Live*. (*I had to add her in there because she is, hands down, my favourite Clinic Patient. You remember, the one with "mono"?)

Sooooo, because there are no House references, I feel compelled to link to this photo from an upcoming episode called "All In". The photos involve poker and tuxedos and silver topped canes. And pianos. Spoilerish? I guess so. Sorta. I mean, it had to happen and there isn't any plotline given away.

Why? What does it have to do with GH? Nothing. They're just there.


ANYway, to get us all caught up quickly.

Courtney dies of Monkey Flu. The last thing she knows is that Jax is not the father of John but Nikolas is. She's furious and wants to tell Nikolas but dies before she can. Jax, because he's a dick, hides the truth from Nikolas but, when bitten by the Exposition Fairy (yes, she bites) let's us in on the Big Sekrit.

Sam's CPD brother, Danny, dies. At the lonely gravesite, Sam lets a hapless Alexis know how much she very, very, very much hates her. (The Doctors gave Alexis the antidote rather than Danny and Danny died before he could get a dose.)

Scorpio and Holly swoop through Port Charles and swoop back out again.

Oddly enough, as hot at those two continue to be.....I'd quite forgotten what truly horrible actors they are. OUCH. O_O


Tracey has kicked Dillon and Georgie (still married) out of the mansion. Georgie has been sekritly in touch with Diego while he's been in jail. He's been paroled and just contacted Georgie this past Friday.

With the teenybots in mind, there is a new gay, er, guy named "Guy". I guess he's being set up to be Lucas' beau but someone in makeup seriously needs to work on the smoker's circles around this kid's eyes. Yikes.

ANYway, evil baddie gay-basher beats the crap outta Guy. Infront of Georgie, Dillon, Lulu and Lucas, Guy gets all huffy and takes off to report it to the PCPD.

Lucas takes a clue and backs Guy up by telling his own story. The one that he was too chickenshit to tell when it happened to him.

Guy thanks him but then tells him to call him up when Lucas figures out just exactly who he is and what his own priorities are.


On the Carly/Littlest Doctor Robin/Hot Dr. House, er, Drake front......Carly and Jax are bonding over "Little" John. (GAH, I wish they wouldn't call the kid that.) Carly and Jax go to the HOTEL THEY OWN for dinner. They happen to be there ase Littlest Doctor Robin and Hot Dr. Drake are there on their first bona fide date. (Robin asked Drake out.)

We get a clear picture of the fact that Robin and Carly not only dislike each other but actively hate each other.

The dialogue, the blocking and everything about it was so heavy handed that (within the fiction) I'm surprised both men didn't simply get up and leave.

During all of this Max the body guard had a hilarious turn guarding Carly. Well done, sir!


Meanwhile, back in Jason/Sam-land, Sam has gone a'hunting her biological mother because, during Danny's prep for burial, they discovered that her DNA doesn't match Danny's.

Why that means SHE'S the adopted one (or that both of them weren't adopted) is unclear but whatever. Run with it.

During that escapade, Alexis reveals to Ric that she had a daughter put up for adoption when she was 16.




Where that came from, I have no idea, but we're set up for Sam being Alexis' long, lost baby and it was just revealed on Friday.

We know that Sam hates Alexis with the flaming power of 8 supernovae. So, are TIIC setting us up for Carly/Bobbie Redux? Or something that might actually require thought, talent and care?

You decide.

My mind is already made up.



Lastly, there is some sekrit trip to Puerto Rico with Sonny and "Um"ily but I don't know much about it. My eyeballs tend to sear into the back of my brain during those scenes and fry into little crispy critters.

That makes watching difficult at best.

Plus, the nausea makes me have to leave the room 'cause I really don't want to make a mess.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

A little gardening.....

Ah, grasshoppers.

I feel like I've been gone for-and-ever.

I'll be back later today (have appointments of my own I have to catch up on) but my dear Father is finally home (as of yesterday) and doing well.

I now have time to devote to my ~other~ family.

Namely, you marvelous people.

Until then, here is a pretty good page of recaps so you can catch up without me.

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