Saturday, April 22, 2006

Today's Theme? Family Quarrels.

Honestly, the only interesting thing that happened today was that Carly was in a gorgeous dress and Jax is a dick.


While Carly is at Sonny's surprise birthday party at Castle GreySkull, Jax is at her house awaiting her return. The door knocks and it's a courier with a letter for Carly. Jax signs for it and sees the return address is Mercy Hospital. (The very Emergency Backup Hospital that proved Nikolas is John's father.) I was going to say "real" and then thought "biological" and then thought, "Oh the Hell with it. Tell them."

Okay, I don't like getting ~too~ personal on this blog but, what the Hell.

I'm adopted.

I was adopted at 6 weeks of age and as it happens, I grew into a 5'9", 145#, natural blonde with red cheeks, bright blue eyes and big bones. Walk down any street in Denmark and you'll see hundreds of me. I'm a dime a dozen.

BUT, ask me what my heritage is and it's Scottish.

My FAMILY is full of skinny, gaunt, pale, hawk nosed, brillaint, funny, baleful, glorious, moody, "sensitive yet manly", "feminine yet strong as an ox" Scots.

I have the Scots in my blood by osmosis.

I hear the bagpipes in my sleep and I cook a haggis on January 25th. (Google it.)

So all this "Who's the Daddy" crap on soap operas makes me tired.

Boot, Ah'll tell ye whah: That there Jax is a dick.

The letter arrives and he not only signs it but when he sees the return address is Mercy Hospital, he opens it.


Let me say that a little louder.



What a...... erg I'm choking.

Anyhoodle. He opens it and sees that it's evidence of Baby John's true paternity.

So, see my issue? There is a difference between "biological" and "real" depending on the age of the child. At this point, John would never know any difference if Jax grew a set and renegged on this ridiculous avenue of lying to a newborn.

If at 6 weeks, my "biological" Father had taken over my life, I wouldn't have known any different. I was too young. As it is, at 45, my "real" Father is the man I adore who raised me, put me through a brilliant education and, more importantly, taught me how to fix the back axle on a 1924 Model T. (It was a total mess but, by God, we got the job done.)

Am I making any sense?

If Jax wants to clear his name (in my estimation), he needs to fess up NOW, not LATER. He's got his chance and he should take it. For John's sake.

If he elects not to, he'd better give this child an idyllic life. 'Cause he owes him that.

Letter in hand, he confronts the elegently dressed Carly about it and she rallies. As Carly does.

He shuts her down (and their part in the episode) with this blunt question. "If you could hide Michael's paternity the way you did all those years ago again? Wouldn't you do it?"

Now, ~that~ was a reasonable question.


In other news. Sonny and Jason spar from their separate corners and Mr. Escobar (one of the Drug (oops, did I say ~drug?!~) Lords has told Jason that he kill Sonny or no deal.

Meanwhile, Alexis has accepted the ADA position from Durant. Anything, I suppose, to get her out of the apartment o' hubby and kids. Hubby, oth, is seeing a great way to squeeze into the vaccum Jason has left behind in his brother Sonny's life and bidness. Alexis and Reek bicker.

In the hospital, no one has yet figured out that Lucky is in the middle of a classic 5 second General Hospital Drug Addiction Story (see: Courtney and Hydrocodone) and is all pissy all over his wife, Liz.

Robin and Scorpio almost reconcile as Daughter and Father and then fall out again.

So, that's Family Squabble (Jason/Sonny; Alexis/Ric; Jax/Carly/John; Robin/Scorpio): 4.

Winners: 0

PS: The Scot in me insists that I apologize for the personal rant in the beginning of this post. Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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