Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yesterday, Today and (okay not) Tomorow

As we know from the previous entry, I missed Friday's episode but I most certainly can quickly recap the past few days. Because: Yawn.

No reverse-House references and certainly no House references from Tuesday's episode of House. I really think that part of the show is good and dead. When I read that TIIC of GH refused to give the House Team rights to any clips, my heart sank. Right now, I'm to the point where I've considered referencing House/General Hospital comments from fanfic. o_O

In lovely Port Charles, Jason has turned all UberMobster on us and taken over Sonny's complete empire.

I think it's a) rilly kool and b) about time.

Sonny is not as pleased.

Jason and he confront each other over a contrived dinner at Sonny's wherein he has set up a dinner "party" on the patio with the two children, Jason and Sonny.* Nice. Involve the children, why don't you? GAH.

The kids split and the next thing you know, Sonny punches the Hell out of Jason just as two people careen in on the scene......Max with gun levelled and "Um"ily doing God knows what. Sonny throws his arm out in the melee and manages to toss Um to the floor.

Jason, going blind into rage as his greatest fear has just come true (Umily's danger at Sonny's hand) turns around and pins his best friend up against the french doors. He is clearly about to kill him.

"Um"ily, being a flaming idiot, leaps to her feet and tries to calm things down by running to ~Sonny's~ aid and hugging him while whinging that she looooooooves him.

Jason, he of the bloodly lip, is appalled.

This man, this mobster with uncontrollable bipolar rages and a tendency to throw barware, just tossed his sister to the ground like confetti. In front of a man with a gun.

Nice romantic scene, huh?

Absolutely vindicated, Jason goes home to Sam only to find her agreeing with the stupidity that is "Soily" as the mass websites have labelled The Stupid and Unholy Union. Maybe it stands for "Sonny's Other Ignorant Leaching Yutz"? I'm not sure.

When Jason talks to Sam about the whole debacle and they completely disagree, he goes to his best friend Carly. She backs him up and gives him her sofa for the night.

Meanwhile, Carly saw paperwork that proved Nicholas is really Boy John's father. (You will NEVER hear me call him "Little John" as they call him on the show. I cringe every time. Stupid, stupid writers. Does this mean the child is destined to grow up and have a fight on a log with a strange guy in Lincoln green tights? AGH.)

For the next three days, Carly tries to use her feminine wiles to wheedle the truth out of Jax. So far no luck.

Speak-een of Lucky. He's HOT. Oh, sorry. He's in the hospital recouperating and is be-een a difficult patient. He wants to get home long before he's ready. (The "een's" are a reference to Becky Herbst's annoy-een inability to hire a diction coach and learn how to speak correctly.)

Through some amusing shennanigans, Dillon finds out that Georgie has been lying to him about writing Diego while Diego (Ignacio Serrichio from "Humpty Dumpty") was in jail.

There is a big wonderful dustup in the foyer of the Q mansion returning the show back to it's fabulous roots of WAY too many good actors on screen reacting to a lover's tiff with all kinds of complicated emotions. It would take me a week just to describe that scene. Trust me, it was great.

Today, Georgie and Dillon made up. Awwwww. Diego was watching half annoyed and half wistful since just before Dillon arrived, he and Georgie had agreed to remain friends "no matter what".

There was some Skye and Lorenzo kanoodling again about "married/not married" and the baby coming but I just can't get into it. It's going nowhere and it's repetitive; even for a soap opera.

On the other hand, Ric and Alexis are setting up thier law practice together in their apartment with their two children close at hand and they are so funny and have such great comic timing that they simply need to take their show on the road.

Either that or bottle it and sell it as the next great pick me up.

Just lovely stuff!

In the most important news of the week, JOHN INGLE IS BACK AS EDWARD QUARTERMAINE! HUZZAH. Er, excuse my yelling but that's some good news right there, folks. :-)

ETA: Scorpio is back. He's in kahoots with Luke to track down Holly Sutton but in this plotline, Scorpio is running things from Port Charles while Luke is AWOL hunting for Holly who is supposedly being held by Scorpio on The Island of Monkey Flu. I just cannot get into it because a) all of the action is taking place off screen while Scorpio's role appears to mainly consist of talking on a cell phone and fighting with his estranged daughter Littlest Doctor Robin and b) because as amazingly HAWT as Tristan Rogers is/has become? He's a completely horrible actor.

*I just realized the line "the children, Jason and Sonny" was really unintentionally funny. It means, "the children, Michael and Morgan are at dinner with Jason and Sonny" but it sounds like I'm calling Jason and Sonny children. hee I'm leaving it and considering it unintentional double entendre. ;-)


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