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In a Nutshell

When I was in lawschool we used to have these cool little books called "In a Nutshell" in which nice people from On High explained whatever impenetrable topic of the semester you were slogging through. (My 1L slog was Contracts. Confused the Hell out of me. I was a Tort Machine, though.)

"In a Nutshell" (and the other crib books) was amazingly helpful and spoke in complete, actual English sentences rather than in archaic terminology and footnotes that rambled onto the next page leaving only a paragraph of real text on the page of the main prose.

So, here goes my attempt at the past soapy, busy few days on GH.

I ~think~ we might be getting some tenous references from GH to House and I only have one from House to GH.

I'll have to go back to "Clueless" but I seem to recall House opening a sentence with the word "soap" and everytime I hear it, I think he's going to mention our show. But no, fake out!, it's just an order to check on the soaps in the PotW's home to see if he's allergic to it.


How lame is THAT reference?

I take what I can get, folks. I take what I can get.

As for GH?

Dr. Patrick Drake ends up giving a lot of his liver to Noah, his father, and they both are now just waiting to meet up post-op so Noah can get Medieval on Patrick's butt for going directly against his wishes.

Littlest Dr. Robin and Patrick are wonderful together. They are fabulous. They have fabulous chemistry, the storyline is making sense and he is so handsome it hurts.

And, by handsome, I don't mean the tall Adonis kind of handsome. You know, that David kind of handsome.

I mean, he's perfectly cast as Noah's son. He has that brunette shag goin' on that frames a long face with brown eyes, dimples and a lower lip that goes from stern to pouty depending on the emotion it's conveying.

Lovely man.


Not to mention he can act.

In my opinion, one of the fortes GH has is the "bedside" monologue. They do it oh, so well....even the mediocre actors get real performances pulled out of them.

The (unlikely) champion of all of them is Jason. I don't think I've seen him do a bedside tear jerker without reacting accordingly.

Patrick Drake is no exception. He's wonderful.

Okay, on to the dreck.

1. Sonny and Emily lie to everyone and go for a tryst in a hotel which ends in a mob hit. Jason, avenging angel, shoots the dude in the back.

However, not before the cops get there and the paparazzi starts in full force does he realize the full impact of what's going on in that hotel room.

And it impacts the entire canvas of Port Charles.

(Who cares? I know. But it does. I'm just reporting what TIIC are giving us.)

2. It hits the evening news broadcasts. Michael and Morgan see it. Michael puts two and two together even though his mother and Jax try to spin the obvious. Michael, understandably, is totally squicked that his father is boinking his aunt.



(Granted it's his adopted father but still, ew. Also, Sonny knew Emily when she was a teeny bot. This whole thing just smacks of pedophilia and incest and I'm completely uncomfortable with it. I don't care how many mis-guided Emmys are involved.)

Jax wings off with Michael and Morgan to get them out of the fray while Carly runs around telling everyone involved how wrong they are.

Jason ends up spending the night in jail care of Sam (who is over her "shrew" fugue thank goodness).

She asks that Jason be kept in jail overnight because he is so angry about Sonny and Emily that she is afraid he might do something he regrets.

She may be hypothetically right but in the meantime poor old Steve Burton has to bear the burden of a one-set "I'm right and why can't you see that" desperate scene with Sonny in one breath and then with Emily in the next.

He did a great job.

Sonny is just being selfish and pigheaded. (What's new?)

He may well be destroying his friendship with Jason but that remains to be seen.

Emily, oth, is a complete selfish and delusional witch who twists everything Jason says that makes sense into nonsense.
I ~think~ TIIC are trying to set up a construct where there are no right answers but, because this same scenario has been played so many times before, the only right answer is Jason's.

I'm not saying that the tables can't turn but the track record of women in Sonny and Jason's lives weighs heavily in Jason's favour. (Lilly..mob hit, Brenda..mob hit in shower, Angel..daughter of mob, Leez...if you blinked you missed the "I can't live like this" speech, Courtney...mob hits, etc., couldn't hack "da life", Carly...possibly the only one strong enough to put up with the crap they have put her through.)

So, my point is that history squarely defends Jason when he tells Emily that "Sonny is too dangerous. Not only his life but his mental instability. You'll change to suit his needs. And when you do, he won't be interested in you any longer."

Right effin' on, Jase. Right on.

Sing it, brutha.


Much squabbling at Quartermaine's over Emily and Sonny and the undesireable press coverage.

Discovery that it is Tracy's birthday and much cute hilarity ensues including an impromptu birthday party in the foyer of the Mansion until Sonny crashes it.


(In a side note, Nicholas has a beautiful speech to the Qs defending Emily's ability to make her own decisions. Too bad she's too much of a selfish nin-compoop to listen to what he is saying and how wonderful he's being than puffing up and loving that she has a hero. Who cares that he's basically telling her family that if she wants to destroy her life she can.)


For Emmy consideration, Alexis and Sam have a come to Jesus moment in a courtroom chamber. Sam realizes she's been making horrid assumptions about Alexis but also realizes that Alexis thinks her first daughter is dead.

Both performances were great but Nancy Lee Grahn took her material and ran with it. She was awesome. Truly awe and then some.

That was a pleasure to behold.


Nota Bene: The Daytime Emmy Awards will be held 28 April 2006.

*Yep. It's there. It was Foreman.


Ith said...

You know what's squicking me out? Jax and Carly! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I like Jax, and they coupled him with that?

Cuteness though with Jax in the Wizard Mickey hat!

Agree that Robin and Patrick have chemistry to spare.

1:06 PM  
Cap said...

Well, your worries about Jax are over.

I'm not a fan of Jax but I wasn't watching during the Brenda/Jax/Sonny era and I understand that was his heyday.

The way they've been writing him over the past few years has made him a complete jerk.

The whole "bet for sex" with Courtney was disgusting. For those not watching, he bet Courtney $1,00,000 FOR A CHILDREN'S CHARITY if she could refrain from having sex with him for a month. That, my friends, is wrong on so very many levels.

Then, while Courtney was having a non-affair with Nikolas (which, it so happened, did blossom), he lied to her and stalked her repeatedly.

This is not the behaviour of a Knight in Shining Armour which is what I thought he was supposed to be. (The yin to Sonny's yang.)

ANYway, I have never liked Carly right or left but of all the incaranations, I must say I like this one the best. I think the actress has really grabbed Sarah Brown's Bad Girl and mixed her with Tamara Braun's Rich Brat and made her into a "I Know My Roots But I Ain't Going Back and This Diamond's Got Some Polish Now" kind of person.

I don't want the character going back to Brown's version and I like the transformation Braun gave her.

I'm just not fond of ~Carly~ herself.

Personally, I'm in the market for Patrick to hook up with just about anyone on the canvas and see how it plays out. ;-)

4:31 PM  

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