Sunday, May 21, 2006

Laurie's Embarrassment? NO!?

Your intrepid reporter ended up in a dark room with Hugh Laurie for a good 3 hours the other night...along with about 150 of his ~other~ best friends.

Go over to or and figure it out.

The only reference to General Hospital came when Mr. Lipton, the interviewer, asked Mr. Laurie if House had any "daytime" obsessions. Laurie slid down in his chair, put his hand over his eyes, and giggled out a muffled, "Yes." [beat] "General Hospital." [beat] "He watches soaps."

Now. I take issue with that.

Soap opera actors are the hardest working guys in the business and for Laurie, who's always moaning about how hard he works on belittle the soaps that way.....just rankled.

But, that's quite okay, sir.

The rest of the interview was fascinating.

As my Montreal friends say, 'Ci beaucoup!


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