Sunday, June 11, 2006

Blogger? Won't you be kind?


I've had the hardest time with Blogger recently.

There really is nothing new on the GH front. We've been spinning our wheels with the WTD?John storyline and Sonny's weird descent into......I have no idea what.......weirdness.


I have NO Earthly idea what Benard is going for but....okay.....just kill Emily as soon as humanly possible, please. You have an excuse now. You're mentally ill. Just take her right out and claim insanity. I promise I'll back you up.

On Friday, we had Hydrocodone Addicted Lucky try and make a "bust" that Leez asked Jason to set up. It went horribly wrong (duh) but it was someone Jason wanted taken out anyway and he shot over the unsuspecting and unknowing Lucky's shoulder.

Gee. That should work out GREAT. [/sarcasm]


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