Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Whining is SO unbecoming.

I'm whining again.

Only because I'm really at a loss about what to do. GH has suddenly become quite good (with some glaring exceptions) but there have been utterly no House references and, as discussed to death, there have been no references the other direction, either.

First of all, the idjits at ABC daytime didn't see fit to give "House" the rights and second of all (at least for the next few days) we're in hiatus. It's been a sloooooooow GH/House summer.

I've just finished watching series one of Sandbaggers (Roy Marsden is so YOUNG! LOL And the quality is CRAP!).....great, great show, though. (I so saw what was going to happen to Laura a mile off....Burnside was much too happy.)

Just to quickly recap the important stuff on GH in the hopeful happenstance that we get a House/GH reference some day....Here goes.

Diego ("Alfredo" from Humpty Dumpty) and Lulu conspired to break Dillon and Georgie up. Lulu lied to Dillon and told him that Georgie and Diego had an affair. He believed her (?!) and slept with her...taking her virginity in the process. Lulu has now discovered she's pregnant and they are actually handling a discussion of abortion like adults. (?!) The Quartermaines won't permit it. Nikolas and Liz are noncommittal but supportive. Lucky is freaking out. (More on him in a second.) Actually, Nikolas had a great scene yesterday as he told Liz that he's kinda siding on Lulu's getting the abortion. He says he knows what it was like growing up unwanted and he would prefer that Lulu wait until she's prepared to be a parent.

The ensemble reactions and characterizations are actually kinda cool.

I do have two shallow fashion statements about Nikolas, though. Tyler Christopher? I love you, babe. I do. But, you have a nagging problem with mucus when you get emotional. Con the wardrobe/prop dudes into giving you a Princely monogrammed handkerchief. Second, for the past few episodes....while you look fab in that pink've got to lose the sweat stains under the arms. a) That is unbecoming on a prince and b) that is unbecoming on anyone.

Lucky finally got busted for his Vicodin habit and is in NA trying to kick it. (Which is why he's freaking out about Lulu's "condition"....he's a little overwhelmed at the moment.)

Blessedly, we had a break from Jax (Ingo Rademacher was renegotiating his contract) and Carly (vacation?) Man, that was much needed.

They returned yesterday and I can't say I'm happy but I'll run with it.

Sonny is in therapy and is taking his meds. He's turning into a "nicer, kinder" Mob Boss. Right.

In a surprise twist, yesterday Dr. Lainey (I lurve it when Benard blows his line and calls her that) announced to Sonny that someone broke into her office and stole all of her notes on him. Yikes.

Jason and Sam might be getting back together. (I'm cool with that. She's a horribly flawed character and he's a hitman with a God complex but for some strange reason that works for me.)

Alexis (LOVE!) has stage two lung cancer and may die. She confided in Jason yesterday and he was just I think they are setting up a "Okay, you really are a good guy. You can date my daughter" moment.

C'est tout!

Man, it has been a quiet summer, hasn't it?!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Jade. It's a lovely shade of green.

Jeez, I'm so jaded by this show. I swear.

There were some House references this week that were such broad reaches that I don't even have the heart to blog about them. Lots of "dry swallowing Vicodin" by Lucky and some vague "He's a genius but a jerk" comments about Patrick Drake.

But, still.

I'm bummed that GH (while daytime is bitching about being on its last legs) couldn't pony up and give "House" (the number one hit on FOX since "24") some credit.......


No wonder ABC soaps are dying a sad death.

Wake up and smell the Prime Time, people.

You work WAY too hard not to.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Sam and Reek. I'm so disappointed.

There is even MORE nothing to report on GH than before. Aside from the fact that both Alexis and Jason see Sam (Jason's angsty lover) and her FATHER Ric (her mother, Alexis', husband) gettin' it on.

Oh Lord.

Seriously. My stars. Why am I watching this shite?

It's just vile.