Sunday, May 21, 2006

Laurie's Embarrassment? NO!?

Your intrepid reporter ended up in a dark room with Hugh Laurie for a good 3 hours the other night...along with about 150 of his ~other~ best friends.

Go over to or and figure it out.

The only reference to General Hospital came when Mr. Lipton, the interviewer, asked Mr. Laurie if House had any "daytime" obsessions. Laurie slid down in his chair, put his hand over his eyes, and giggled out a muffled, "Yes." [beat] "General Hospital." [beat] "He watches soaps."

Now. I take issue with that.

Soap opera actors are the hardest working guys in the business and for Laurie, who's always moaning about how hard he works on belittle the soaps that way.....just rankled.

But, that's quite okay, sir.

The rest of the interview was fascinating.

As my Montreal friends say, 'Ci beaucoup!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

GH Ketchup and Two Reverse References to House

Quick GH catch up, anyone?

Maxie discovered the paper that says Nikolas is really Baby John's father. Rather than tell her crushee Nikolas, she decides to blackmail Jax. So far she's anonymous but she has enlisted Coleman's (~sigh, Coleman~) newest little partner in crime, Diego ("Alfredo" from the House episode "Humpty Dumpty") to do her dirty work.

Jax tells Carly that he wants to go straight to Nikolas and take away the strange blackmailer's power because he's tired of being Port Charles' easiest blackmail pushover. Carly puts the immediate ixnay on atthay idea.

Meanwhile, there is some Mission Impossible rip-off crap going on on Monkey Island but suffice to say it's bringing out some fun performances from Emmy winning Tony Geary as Luke (congrats!), the unbearably handsome Tristan Rogers as Scorpio and Emma Samms as Holly. Dillon and Lulu are there.....and there's some weird, squicky sex appeal going on between them but....whatever. Hopefully it will go away. Today, Tracy showed up to "save" Luke before he could race off with Holly to parts unknown with some serious, serious jewelry they found on the island. Hee.

Back in PC, Alexis has spirited Sam's comatose body away from the hospital and into an unknown location.

Seems that Jason authorized tricky surgery (performed by the GORGEOUS Dr. Patrick Drake) that was, in fact, not his decision to make and was illegal because Alexis had an injunction against him.

This show is seriously legally challenged.

However, in a shout out to "House", Alexis tried to stop the surgery by barging into the sterile operating theatre.

All that was missing was the spitting!

But the surgery was performed and Alexis was so mad she had everyone arrested and, while they were preoccupied dealing with that and her subsequent dropping o fthe charges, she spirited Sam away.

In other news, and as another shout out to "House", Lucky is convinced that the mysterious liaison between Dr. Patrick Drake and Lucky's devoted, hard working wife,, in fact, an affair. His impression is not helped by the fact that he's dry swallowing Hydrocodone....a version of Vicodin. ;-)

That's all folks!

Oh, "Um"ily is an idiot and a Livingston needs serious acting lessons. Sonny is entering a fugue state, I think. Benard is trying to bring it but is failing so I'm not really sure what he's going for. And the pairing of these two is not only wrong on so many levels......IT SUCKS LIKE A HOOVER.

I cannot stand it and I hope Jason keeps as far away from them as he possibly can. I recommend Namibia. (That's a Laurie/House shout out, by the way. I had to say it.)