Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Head? Meet Desk.





A GH reference. In the last episode. Half Wit. (With the amazing and genius and incomparable David John Matthews in a starring role......Life is schweeeeeeeet!)


Anyhoodle, House feigns brain cancer to get into a test study that copes with chronic pain. He fakes his labs and his alias is Luke N. Laura.

This, my GHers, is a reference to the famous Super Couple who, back in the 80s, hit the cover of Time Magazine. Luke Spencer and Laura (8,000,000 last names I couldn't even begin to remember but I think she went by Weber.

Le sigh.

I know it's been a dry spell here on the blog but I can't help that TIIC over at ABC Daytime wouldn't let FOX play in their sandbox.


Anonymous Al said...

Whee! That was an exciting moment :)

3:29 PM  
Blogger Cap said...

It was!

I laughed and thought, "Wow! Fodder for the blog!"

That silly, silly character.

3:57 PM  
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Anonymous Justing said...

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6:28 PM  

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