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"House M.D." Season Five Spoilers

March 22, 2009 - The spoiler thread at the Television Without Pity's House Forum has been hot with theories on who dies. And some of them associate this death with a suicide of a major character that Ausiello discussed without mentioning the specific show. "A major character on a show we are obsessed with will commit suicide before the season is over -- and no one will see it coming. The shocking death will send shockwaves through the show and the fallout will be immense." Several people have said the following (NOTE: NONE OF THE FOLLOWING HAVE BEEN VERIFIED OR ARE FROM PEOPLE WE HAVE HEARD FROM BEFORE WITH VERIFIED INFORMATION):
  • "Hermosa": "It's Kutner, and yes he does kill himself."
  • "KathyV": "At this point it really matters if the title of episode 23 is Best Friend."
  • "Folavril": "Manu over at HHoW (who has credible inside info) says its NOT House, Wilson or Cuddy."
  • "nosoytonta": "I am nearly sure that I read a quote from Hugh Laurie, mentioning some terrible, life-changing tragedy in the life of Dr. House."
  • "maya2003": "Someone at a livejournal community who claims to know someone who works on the set has confirmed that itšs Kutner and hešll commit suicide. The person also claims that Amber will make an appearance."
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