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Adams & Park
Park (Charlyne Yi, L) and Adams (Odette Annable, R) work to diagnose their 14-year-old patient in the "Dead & Buried" episode of HOUSE airing Monday, Nov. 21 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX.

by William Svedson

Many have suggested that the show House: MD is in decline, and indeed it is very difficult for shows to stay sharp for as many as 8 seasons (House is currently in its 8th). Though House is still fortunate enough to boast Hugh Laurie as one of television's most interesting characters (Dr. House himself), it is not difficult to agree with at least some of the decline talk. After all, as shows grow and develop, they lose major characters, and significant plot lines can dry up. That said, however, many people are still relying on House as their favorite show on direct tv, and while this is partially due to Laurie's continued brilliance as the cynical, eccentric doctor, it may also have something to do with two new significant characters, each of whom seems to have the potential for a lasting impact on the show. These characters are Dr. Chi Park (played by Charlyne Yi) and Dr. Jessica Adams (played by Odette Annable).

Dr. Adams was the first of these two new characters to be introduced, during the early episodes of season 8 in which House finds himself in prison (for crashing his car into Cuddy's house). Adams works in the jailhouse medical center, and begins to interact with House a good deal as he --- predictably --- begins to meddle in patients? cases while performing his chores. Early on, their relationship is a bit tense, and features an impressive moment in which House guesses large portions of her history, including the fact that, while talented, she comes from a very privileged and risk-free past. However, as they get to know each other, and House begins to take some major risks in order to save a patient (and prove his point), Adams begins to display some qualities that appeal to House?s sensibilities. Namely, she goes against the rules, and against her boss, to help House save a patient. Presumably, this action leads her to work with House later in the season when he is back at work, and it is conceivable that the two of them will enjoy a long and successful working relationship.

Dr. Chi Park is a bit of a different story --- rather than meeting her in a situation in which it is easy to bond, House finds her at his hospital upon his return, and she is somewhat thrust upon him. From the beginning, Park seems to be something of a misfit ? unlike the other female doctors on the show (for example, Cameron, Cuddy, 13, etc.), Park is not as attractive, nor is she as socially strong. She is a bit awkward, and House is less than impressed at first. Since then, however, Park has displayed not only a considerable range of medical talents, but also a number of different personality traits that seem to pile up and conflict with each other. She is recklessly confident, but consistently nervous, willing to stand up for herself, but also having suffered with a poor relationship with her father. Unlike Adams --- whose path on the show seems clear --- Park is a bit of an anomaly, and it will be interesting to see what role she plays moving forward. However, it seems to hold true that both doctors have intrigued fans of the show, and may just keep people watching even longer.

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