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Second Season Episodes ::  #224: What Was Real and What Was Not

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These notes are still Preliminary:
on ketamine and what was real and what wasn't.
No Reason
House (Hugh Laurie) gets a break from his hospital bed
in the HOUSE season finale episode"No Reason"
airing Tuesday, May 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Also pictured: Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer & Jennifer Morrison.
Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX.
In the below area, the following color coded is used: the real is blue, the hallucinations are maroon and the iffy area is green:
Real: Everything up to the first shot is real. A person who says he is a former patient and who somehow knows who Dr. Cameron is, but who doesn't seem to be recognized by anyone on the team (House often doesn't see patients but one would expect someone else to have recognized this former patient while he was talking before he pulled out his gun) comes in and after asking which one is Dr. House, pulls out a gun and shoots House.

Iffy: Now in his hallucination House says he doesn't remember the second shot and there is the possibility that House imagines the shooter calmly standing over him and speaking to him as he shoots him in the neck. He does shoot him in the neck, but did the shooter in reality say, "Shocking, isn't it? Who'd want to hurt you?" This might have been real and if it was and House heard it in the background, it could have led House into his hallucination that followed that theme or the theme could have filled that in. That statement from the shooter might be a little too pat for reality. But sometimes reality is pat. 60/40 the shooter's statement was not real.

Hallucination: House wakes up in a hospital bed with a hospital bracelet which says:
    House, Gregory
    ID: 85873 295-13-7???
    ADM: 0405
    DOB: 06-11-??
    Dr. Cuddy
Everything Cameron says about the two bullets and what they hit is related to what House's body is telling him but is not necessarily the truth.
Everything that we hear about the shooter (being shot by security, being the husband of a patient who cheated on his wife which House revealed to her and who later committed suicide - all that was House's mind trying to come up with a reason why a former patient would have shot him, but his reasoning is strange since the shooter had said he was a former patient and his hallucination says the shooter's wife was the patient).
Everything that happens to tongue guy is part of the hallucination as House goes through the frustration of not being able to figure out what is wrong with this unusual but probably simple case.

Real: House comes out of his hallucination on the gurney with the team announcing to the doctors at the ER:
    Foreman: "He's been shot!"
    Cameron: "Twice!"
    Chase: "Once in the abdomen, once in the neck!"
    There is some more talking and then House tells them: "Tell Cuddy I want ketamine."
Ketamine is the drug that in his hallucination Cuddy and Wilson had arranged for him that took away his pain but that he also feared would reduce his mental abilities. This tells us the House wants to choose the possibility of not remaining as miserable as he has been in his private life.
What was that about ketamine and coma for "rebooting" the brain to eliminate pain?

An eagle-eyed person on the Television Without Pity's House Forum ("Andrew J.") posted: "I freeze-framed the shot of House's wristband at the beginning of the ep and noticed that he has the exact same DOB as Hugh Laurie does in real life (June 11, 1959 to be exact)."

By the way, never in the episode is the former patient/shooter given a name, but his name may have come from the script and was used in the closed captioning. Maybe he will be named in the season opener next Fall, but at the moment, he is unnamed.

They say we dream the long dreams we think we have in just a very few seconds so I do not think there is a problem with this whole hallucination having taken place in the few minutes while the team rushes House to the operating room.


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