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Differences between Holmes and House

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Sherlock HolmesGregory House, MD
Holmes was known for his courageHouse doesn't mind being considered a coward. After annoying Vogler, House hid from him. House wanted to avoid being around sick people during the epidemic.
Hated guessing. Considered it a shocking habit. Talked about not theorizing before having all the data.Guesses all the time (for instance: "That would be my guess." [#121])
Smoked, pretty much constantly. Especially smoked when he was trying to figure out a problem. (It could be a two or three pipe problem.)Does not seem to have that habit, although as Julie Deeley pointed out to us, in "Paternity" (second episode shown, fifth one filmed), when we see House at home as the phone calls come in from the hospital (about half way through the episode as the potient goes missing), the table next to his chair has an ashtray with two cigars in it. If either of both of them have been smoked, it isn't easy to see as they appear pretty much full size. And why two unsmoked or pretty much unsmoked cigars together in an ashtray?

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